When using preclinical MRI as a research tool, very frequently it is necessary to integrate a high number of equipment, sensors, supports and physiology monitorization systems on top of the animal, in the imaging area.

In many cases, these items of equipment come from different manufacturers, and although animal holders usually allow the installation of a number of standard components, research needs normally go ahead of this standarization, and very frequently not all these components fit toghether.

In order to solve this problem, imaginative solutions are often needed to integrate all the systems involved in an experiment, and these solutions normally require the design of intermediate parts and adapters.


Example: customized design of an anaesthesia mask for a specific application


In this context, Neos Biotec offers to its clients the knowledge and experience in the design of supports and accessories for MRI, in order to develop customized designs of all the items required, always with the highest quality and built in materials adequate for the MRI environment.

In this way, Neos Biotec's coils and phased arrays are always seamlessly integrated into the whole equipment setup needed in each application.

The design of these supports and accessories is carried out in CAD software, and they are built through 3D printing. This ensures the quickest possible response time.

In cases where the customer has access to a 3D printer, Neos Biotec can even provide the STL files for manufacturing the parts. This eliminates the transport time, speeding up the lead time even further, and also allows the customer to build new parts with the same design should they be needed in the future.