Volume coils are possibly the type of MRI coil most commonly used. Their field homogeneity makes them especially useful in transmission, while their ability to receive circularly polarized signals makes them a good option for reception.

The family of volume coils built by Neos Biotec offers the following possibilities:

  • Field strength: 4.7 T / 7 T / 9.4 T / 11.7 T
  • Inner diameter:  35 mm / 60 mm / 72 mm / 86 mm
  • Outer diameterr: adapted to the space available.
  • Active length: made-to-measure, optimized for each individual application.
  • Circular / linear polarization.
  • Multi-nucleus capability: 1H, 19F,  23Na, 31P, ...
  • Optional active detuning to use the volume coil as transmission-only (in combination with a reception-only surface coill or array for reception).

In addition to all these possibilities, Neos Biotec is also willing to accept orders involving non-standard dimensions or characteristics, or even the possibility to integrate a coil of this type with other components, e.g. a phased array for reception, or ancillary equipment for animal support and monitoring.