Dynamic reconfiguration is an optional characteristic offered by Neos Biotec for its multi-element phased arrays.

It consists of being able to connect a N-element array to a scanner fitted with only M receive channels (with M < N), according to different configurations which can be selected by means of an external signal, without needing to physically change the location of the coil or the animal.

This solution allows, for example:

  • Selecting which array elements are to be used, depending on an initial scout image, without having to shift the position of the animal with respect to the coil.
  • Combining various channels to obtain a wider imaging area, or choosing individual elements to obtain the best possible signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in a small area.


4 small elements configuration, for mouse cardiac imaging (maximum sensitivity)
7 elements configuration, with 4 of them combined into a single channel, for mouse whole-body imaging (maximum extension)

Dynamic reconfiguration is performed through analog signal processing, which takes place once the signals from the elements have gone through the first amplification stage (low noise preamplifiers). In this way any possible signal degradation is avoided, and the dynamic configuration obtains the optimum signal-to-noise ratio..

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