• Patient-focused

    Magnetic resonance imaging requires time, and for us, taking care and protecting the animal during all the time dedicated to each experiment is the key point in the design of our MRI coils and accessories.

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  • MRI coils for every application

    Neos Biotec's MRI coils and phased arrays cover the needs of each individual application. For any nucleus and any field strength, the design is adapted and optimized for the geometrical and accessibility constraints of each client.

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  • Intelligent accessories

    From the simplest support for animal handling to the most complex closed-loop control system for physiological parameters, accessories built by Neos Biotec are always intelligent solutions, that facilitate the day-by-day work of biomedical researchers.

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Neos Biotec is an engineering company, founded with the objective of supplying magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) products to the biomedical research sector.

It is located in Pamplona (Spain), and it started its activity in 2011.

Neos Biotec's entrepreneurship initiative was awarded a grant by the local Navarra Government in the first edition of the Beca Emprendedor (Entrepreneurship Grant) program.


Neos Biotec's objective is the focus on its clients, responding to their needs individually, and providing added value solutions adapted to their specific projects, always within the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) field, applied to research on animal models (pre-clinical studies).