Neos Biotec's surface coils for MRI are especially indicated as receiver coils, due to their exceptional sensitivity, owing to their optimized design and their proximity to the tissues of interest.

The surface coils supplied by Neos Biotec are available with the following characteristics:

  • Field strength: 4.7 T / 7 T / 9.4 T / 11.7 T.
  • Shape and dimensions: made-to-measure, optimized for each specific application.
  • Available for any nucleus: 1H, 19F,  23Na, 31P, ...
  • Active detuning to use the surface coil as reception-only (in combination with a different coil for transmission).
  • Low noise pre-amplifier, installed in close proximity to the coil, to maximize signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Modular design, allowing to use different interchangeable coils with the same pre-amplifier.
  • Circular / linear polarization.

In addition to all these options, Neos Biotec supplies regularly surface coils of special designs, adapted to specific needs, e.g. coils integrated with other ancillary equipment (electrophysiology electrodes, canules for drug administration, etc.).