This unique coil system developed by Neos Biotec offers real cross coil operation (uniform volume transmit + surface phased array receive) in extremely narrow bore environments (60 mm inner diameter in existing design, 44 mm inner diameter under development).

Cine images of mouse heart at 7T, taken with the Compact Coil System and a gradient insert of 1000 mT/m (courtesy of CNIC,

In order to make this possible, all coil parts and subsystems (mouse bed, Rx phased array, Tx volume coil, anaesthesia mask, shield, …) are seamlessly integrated into one single enclosure.

Additionally, to improve accessibility to the animal bed, the coil system has been designed in two parts. The upper part can be easily removed to get the necessary access for animal preparation.

Download datasheet in PDF format.

Minimum attenuation for simultaneous PET + MRI:

Neos Biotec's compact coil setup has been designed to minimize attenuation of PET signal, being the perfect coil system solution to use in combination with a PET ring insert for simultaneous PET + MRI.

New applications:

Neos Biotec's compact coil setup allows cross coil operation in situations where it was not possible until now:

  • Microimaging / high strength gradient inserts.
  • Cryogen-free superconducting magnets (dry magnets).
  • PET inserts for simultaneous PET + MRI.