Neos Biotec's modular surface coil system (download datasheet) allows to use a single low noise amplifier (LNA), placed in close proximity to the coil in order to avoid signal loss in the cables, with different surface coils, designed optimally for each different application.

This technique permits a better use of the investment, while obtaining the maximum signal to noise ratio (SNR) achievable with a single receiver element.

The modular surface coils are receive-only elements, fitted with active decoupling, that are to be used toghether with a volume transmit coil. This combination obtains the best of both worlds: a uniform excitation B1 field (volume transmit coil), plus the maximum signal sensitivity (surface receive coil).

The key point in order to obtain the best results with this type of coil setup is an adequate design of the surface coil, optimized to the region of interest in which the experiment (imaging or spectroscopy) is to be performed. Although Neos Biotec offers two standard coil sizes (craddle-shape, with active size of 32 and 16 mm), usually the surface coil is designed and made to measure for each application, taking into account the specific requirements and constraints of each experiment (region of interest, accessibility, etc.). Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of your experiment and we will propose the coil size / constructive shape that best fits your application.